Only one specimen of this creature has ever been found in the wild, and extremely little is known about them as a result. It’s most likely that the antennae are used to detect pheromones, and the slow-moving creature also has a sticky, ballistic tongue that can shoot out and snag prey (not unlike the chameleon). All four eyes can focus in different directions, giving “Winston” an incredible field of vision. Winston does possess an unsettling calmness when approached and/or handled, leading to speculation that he is highly poisonous in some way, or otherwise well defended against predators. He also has a mildly annoying habit of shooting his tongue at the faces (and particularly the glasses) of anyone handling him, but not actually attempting to retract the tongue- there is speculation that this is done as defense, or a deterrent, but there’s a distinctly mischievous quality to the behaviour that suggests intelligence.

Dense rainforest undergrowth, possibly underground waterways and cave systems as well.

5” high by 6”long, approximately 8oz

Omnivorous, including insects, small birds, and other small animals