The windblade can soar silently for hours on end if need be, locking its wing joints into place like a frigate bird to hang high in the thermals during the sweltering desert days. Their eyesight is keen, but, as primarily gliding creatures, they still prefer to catch their prey on the ground, using flight only to move between hunting grounds or when searching for mates. Strangely cooperative, windblade territories overlap, and some of the beasts have even been observed hunting in small groups, to improve their chances of catching prey in the mazes of the badlands. Windblades mate for life, though the pairings can sometimes include third members. Unusually, all windblades are capable of laying eggs (fertility and sex are affected by environmental factors as well as mate compatibility it appears; the stronger the bond between the parents, the greater the viability of the clutch).

Badlands and their canyons

20’ wingspan, 8’ high, 350+Lbs

Birds, small to medium sized mammals