Baby Taethym

The taethym is arboreal, with a scaly gecko-like body, sticky grasping feet, large eyes and a flexible, jointed lower jaw that can stretch to more than the width of the animal’s entire head. Taethym are quick, nervous, and acrobatic as they move through dense trees. Taethym are in an constant state of war with their neighbours- fighting with and chasing each other from tree to tree to secure prime hunting grounds, where they can snag insects, rodents, and even birds and bats. Young are left to their own devices early in life, where they set about creating their own territories as soon as they’re large and strong enough to leap from tree to tree.

Rainforest environments with dense canopies.

14” high, 20” long, approximately 4Lbs

Carnivorous, eating mostly small mammals, plus birds, which they snatch from their nests or catch in the branches.