Squonk Cryptid Monster Design by Karen Sim

The squonk is a fantastical beast from early 20th century Pennsylvanian folklore, described as a “repulsive little creature” with ill-fitting skin covered in blemishes, that spends most of its time hiding from other creatures and weeping, because it is ashamed of its appearance. A squonk can be tracked at night by following its luminous trail of tears through the woods, but is extremely difficult to capture; its only defense is to dissolve itself into a pool of bubbles and tears.

Pictured here is our very own rescued squonk, “Oliver” – the first squonk to survive capture, go through gentle rehabilitation, and learn to coexist and interact with humans and other animals. Oliver’s story is ongoing here on the website, and a book of his story and struggles is currently underway. Stay tuned!

Sub-alpine evergreen forests

Vegetarian, with an affinity for human food (especially breads and sugars)