Spotted Jinglog

Spotted Jinglog

The long-legged, beetle-shelled jinglogs use their long prehensile snouts and hard tusks to root out the choicest foliage in the brambly bushes of their desert habitat. Their long legs allow them to constantly survey their surroundings as they feed, and when sudden dust or sand storms occur, the jinglogs can fold themselves up under their thick skull carapaces for protection, whilst still feeding and breathing using their twin proboscis-like trunks. With limited energy available from their thornbush and desert succulent diet, conflict between animals is rare, except during the mating season, when males will posture, display, and clamour for the right to merge into the ranks of the roaming females. “Keep moving, or get left behind” could be the motto of the jinglog.

Grasslands and savannahs

15’ high, 20’ long, approximately 600Lbs

Thorn bushes, dense woody bush, succulents and other desert plants