There are few cryptids more confounding than the massive slor. With a single eye, capable of 360 degrees of vision, a slor can nonetheless gauge distance to its prey easily and snatch it up with a telescoping prehensile tongue. The largest slors discovered so far can be the size of a small house, and while they prefer deep swampy areas to live and hunt, they will often lurch onto human properties like golf courses, if there’s a warm place to bask (or an unsuspecting golfer to snack on). Slors are slow-moving, thick-skinned, and extremely difficult to manage once they claim a territory as their own. Their indiscriminate appetite makes them a real danger to humans, pets, and livestock alike, while their slimy bulk can cause significant damage to property.

Swampland and humid wetland environments

Up to 17’ tall, 20’+ long, approximately 5,000Lbs

Carnivorous and indiscriminate