Shinejackals are the ghosts of the inland sea shallows. Their shimmering silver fur and marbled legs and flanks act both as a shining lure to fish, and camouflage against the partially submerged stones of the shallows. Shinejackals have a broader range of motion in their shoulder joints, and grasping paws, making them excellent climbers as well, scaling near-vertical seawalls with ease. Pack animals, shinejackals form tight-knit families, yet frequently intermingle with other packs- fights are rare, and the plentiful resources are shared.

The inland shallows form a wide swath of hundreds of miles of shallow seabed, polished by the tides into a patchwork of flat stone. When the tides recede, whole schools of fish can become trapped in vast tidal pools, and are easy pickings for the jackals.

6’ at the shoulder, 6’+ in length, 400+Lbs

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