Pol Monster design by Karen Sim art gallery

Pol is a stereotypical “stock standard, lumpy, grey-brown, interchangeable monster from games, television, or film”. Another “rescue and rehabilitation monster” Pol was lured out of the dark, deep woods, ruins, and caves of his birth, to be trained to interact peacefully and safely with humans and other creatures.
Pol is deeply confused by any show of kindness, since his type of monster was purely manifested to have little to no agency or intelligence- these nondescript monsters are the traditional cannon-fodder for questing heroes, and, while typically large, strong, and fierce, they are not taken too seriously as the greatest of aggressors or villains, merely obstacles on the path to greater dangers. These monsters are fiercely loyalty to anyone showing them even the most basic kindness, since they are so overwhelmed by it.

Deep caverns, ancient ruins, dark forests, and other dark fantasy settings.

12’ tall, approximately 800Lbs

Unknown, though will accept human food if offered. Seems particularly fond of brioche.