The meikah are fast and fearsome hunters, preying on aquatic reptiles, mammals, and even large land animals that stray too close to the water’s edge. Meikah average 15-20 feet in length, and are flamboyantly coloured – a feature that lures in aquatic prey. Relatively quick on land, at least in short bursts, these animals are also extremely fast swimmers, routinely exceeding 70km/h underwater.
While meikah can range into salt water for short spans, they prefer to lurk in the brightly coloured freshwater cave systems and adjoining lakes, where they have an abundance of cover, plenty of prey, and few predators. Meikah lay their eggs underwater, where they are relatively safe, but the hatchlings’ first challenge is a dangerous one: to make the journey from the deep egg groves to the surface to breathe.

Cenotes, underwater cave systems, and adjoining freshwater lakes and deep rivers.

12’ high, 15+’ long, approximately 1000Lbs

Aquatic animals, shoreline animals, fish.