Extremely rare, firebeests are uniquely adapted to subsist on the remains of forest fires. They routinely clear scorched foliage and bark, and digest and excrete new seeds from fire-burst cones, the process helping to enrich the post-fire soil. Their scaled bodies are reflective, and heat and flame-resistant, while their pronounced fleshy “sails” are used for water storage and mating displays. Extremely agile and quick, firebeests are difficult to track, especially as their favourite haunts are deep in the depths of dead forests, and they are capable of fleeing into the heart of wildfires for extended periods without injury or suffocation. Firebeests are slow-growing and have an 18 month gestation period, often coinciding with fire season.

6’ tall, 8’ long, approximately 300Lbs

Burned out areas in forest areas prone to wildfire

Burned fire-pine bark and cones, needle moss, and other hardy weeds and brush.