Creature Design


In a world full of strange aggressive predators, the diredeer stands out as one of the fiercest prey species in the catalogue. Similar to the pronghorn antelope in size and shape, diredeer are stout, strong, and aggressively territorial. Hard keratin armour plates protect the spine and flanks, whilst the bony antlers grow from pronounced facial plates as well. Herds of diredeer are known to form up and attack potential predators en masse, using their enlarged, front-facing canine teeth, and split-toed clawed feet. Diredeer have even been observed killing and partially consuming predators, though their diet is primarily plant-based. Both bucks and does sport antlers, though the does’ are smaller and sport fewer tines.

4’ tall at the shoulder (does are generally smaller), approximately 150Lbs. Antlers have a 4’ spread.

Deep boreal forests, occasionally along valleys and open ranges. Each herd can defend a territory of approximately 100 square miles.

Diredeer prefer scrubby plants and low-lying foliage, though small amphibians, reptiles, and mammals are also potential prey.