Creature Design


The Bimble

The diminutive bimble is a denizen of lower alpine rubbly scree slopes. With firm, crab-like legs, and a hard, fuzzy shell, the bimble doesn’t provide much appeal to predators- there’s not much meat on them, and even though they are slow moving and easy to catch, they are particularly challenging to chew. If threatened, the bimble will often release a subtle-smelling, but potent-tasting substance that seeps up through the soft fuzz of its body. All in all, the bimble is placid, and is content to pick its way through the light vegetation of the low alpine in search of ants, crickets, and even nuts and berries. Not much is known about their breeding habits as yet, but clearly patience and perseverance must be involved…

4” tall, 6” long, 6oz

Low Alpine areas, particularly rockfalls and scree, where they can stay hidden.

Berries, nuts, and seeds, as well as small insects.