Despite her unsettling appearance, Aёsa is, in fact, remarkably benign, and exhibits considerable empathy for other sentient creatures. She possesses venom for incapacitating large prey that she catches through stealth, her skin patterning blending in seamlessly with the deciduous lowland forests where she roams. She can communicate at a very basic level, through gesture and limited expression, and is known for making soft, rolling chittering sounds when interacting with other sentient beings. Disarming though her behaviour may be, she possesses enough self-awareness to recognize the reaction her appearance can provoke in humans, so she is, by necessity, solitary and evasive. She finds the bright colour of tents and tarps appealing, and you’ll often hear her draw her long fingers along the fabric during the night, should she come across your campsite.
She finds little torn bits of said fabric (or tears free some of her own) to tie into the trees around her home as decoration, or possibly a warning to go no further…

12’ tall, approximately 500Lbs

Deciduous forest, sub-alpine, preferably birch groves where she is able to camouflage well. 

Large animals such as ungulates, can provide nutrition for long stretches, as Aёsa is an ambush predator, and requires less energy.